Record Number of Films Entered in 2018!

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On Sunday 8th July, as part of the 5th Bulwell Arts Festival, the films selected from over 1,000 entries for this years final of Hothouse Theatre's Nottingham Film Festival, were shown in front of an appreciative audience.

As is usual with Hothouse Theatre's film festival, the audience weren't just there to watch the films, they were there to vote for their favourites and to choose the winners in each category.

The films were shown in 3 selections. Each selection had 10 films from each of 8 categories. Each selection had 2 fictional and 2 young person's film and one of each of the rest.

The audience could vote for as many films as they wished and a percentage score was given to each film in each selection. The winners of each category were the ones who got the highest percentage score.

We have merely put the films in the order of their scores.

2018 results

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