Finalists in the Gedling Festival 2014


Foreign Film
First lesson in Love by Tomer Werechson – Tel Aviv, Israel
first lesson in love A charming and beautifully shot short film. The acting is excellent, as is the directing and the script. The tension is held throughout the film and the resolution unexpected. Tomer Werechson is clearly a talented film maker with a great future ahead of him.

First Lesson in Love Trailer

Peluquero Futbolero (Hooligan Hairdresser) by Juan Manuel Aragon – Madrid, Spain
finalist This is a very stylish, engaging and remarkable short film. I cannot praise it highly enough. It is dark and funny and just a little Kafkaesk. It split the audience, those who felt uncomfortable with it and those who loved it. I fell very much into the later camp. From the opening scene it was clear that we were in the presence of an excellent film maker.

Hooligan Hairdresser trailer

Young Person’s Film
Crime Busters: The Unusual Suspects by City Arts - Nottingham
crime Busters A delightful collection of short sketches woven together cleverly around the concept of a Crime Stoppers TV report. Some excellent ideas, camera use, acting and editing. This must have been great fun to make and a memorable introduction to film making.

Crime Busters webpage

Jake and the Beanstalk by HotHouse Theatre’s Gedling DVD Project - Honeywood
jake and the beanstalk A charming adaptation of the well known folk tale combining live action with rough animation. I’m sure the young people had a great time dressing up and walking a pantomime cow through Clumber Park.

The Revenge of Robo Baby Gangster Doll by HotHouse Theatre’s Gedling DVD Project - Honeywood revenge of the Robo Baby Doll Wonderful nonsense done with a conviction that makes it almost scary at times. The ending is excellent and had me in fits of laughter even after the third time of watching it.

The Revenge of Robo Baby Gangster Doll

Fictional Film
God’s Gift by Joshua Ormerod - Derby
fianlist A splendid tale with a fabulous twist. The acting was as good as any you will find in cinema as was the camera work, direction and editing. The pace and development of the story left the ending a complete surprise.

Jump by Robert Dawes - Ilkeston
finalist Perhaps the best 2 minutes I have ever had … in a cinema. Jump is one of those films where you find yourself saying, “I wish I’d thought of that.” It takes you from the anticipation of despair to belly busting laughter in a couple of frames. The audience loved it regardless of age. It is a shame that there could only be one winner of the Fictional Film category.


My Garden Forever by Nick Archer - Daybrook
finalist An outstanding piece of filming. The look of the piece and the development of the story in such a short film made this a rewarding cinematic experience. It brought together all the emotions of the characters of the scenario in a dramatic and raw ending.

Vice by Nick Archer - Daybrook
finalist From the opening shots it is clear that we are in the presence of a film maker who knows his craft and is not going to waste a moment of our time. The story is told with sensitivity, style and compassion. Nick Archer is not afraid of handling difficult subjects and does it without embarrassing the audience, whilst pulling no punches. An exceptional piece of work.

Friendzone by Kashif Anaman - Nottingham
finalist A dark piece very well told and acted leaving the audience unsure and a little uncomfortable. From start to finish Freindzone is well a crafted story full of style and excellent camera work.

Animated Film
A Fishy Tale by Tom Rouke - Mapperley
fishy tale Short, pithy and humorous. Clear production and sound. A very professional piece of work. A pure delight to watch.

A Fishy Tale

The Flood by Tom Rouke - Mapperley
flood A very funny animation, great characterisation and I loved the ducks at the end. This is the kind of animation you can watch all day long. It so nearly took the prize and would have been a worthy winner had it done so. The audience were routing for it at the award ceremony.

The Flood

Finding Green by George Rees-Jones - Attenborough
finalist Delightfully sad. Extremely well made. Never before have I been moved to tears by a couple of rolls of tape.

Outcast Hope by Gemma Bright - Ilkeston
outcast hope A professional animation setting out the beginnings of an epic adventure story. The filming was superb in all respects and left the audience wanting more.

Outcast Hope

Trailer or Advert
Team NRG by Trey Drysdale - Nottingham
team TRG The energy is the trailer was amazing, matched only by the choreographing and the editing. All together a remarkable piece of work.

Hood by James Newton - Arnold
finalist An outstanding trailer that leaves you itching to watch the film. All aspects of this piece are very good. The acting and editing particularly standout. It is hoped that the funding becomes available to make the full feature.


Arnold History Walks by HotHouse Theatre’s Gedling DVD Project - Honeywood
finalist Sinister and moody. Befitting the theme and a great way to entice people on a local history walk.

Factual Film
An Act of Defiance by Excavate CIC - Nottingham
act of definance An act of Defiance deals expertly with the issues and events surrounding the Luddite Revolt of 1811. It combines contemporary written accounts, spoken by actors, with local historians. It gives a clear picture of the events of the time in a professional and accessible piece of work.

An Act of defiance

The Cockle Man by Lace Market Media Group - Nottingham
finalist A charming portrait of one of Nottingham’s famous faces. Extremely well crafted and sympathetic whilst retaining a level of friendly humour. This is an excellent example of documentary film making.

Cockle Man

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